Castle Build + Play Set


BUILD + PLAY with Australian handmade wooden toys
Made By: Have A Nice Day

Behold an enchanted kingdom where little gallant knights and brave princesses defend the rightful owners of this Castle Play Set.

Witness lavish feasts in the great hall and special moments on the rooftop as your child explores the different levels of their medieval fortress. Made for little fairytale fanatics and royal adventurers, this play set will take their imaginative play to magical lands far and wide.

This BUILD + PLAY SET contains 8 wooden pieces and 4 painted peg dolls
This play set lands on the lounge room floor ready for you to connect with your child as you help them to assemble the set that includes:
1 Castle, 1 king, 1 queen and 2 knights.

Natural, safe, sustainable
The premium grade plywood we use is Baltic Birch plywood, thoughtfully sourced from the Baltic Sea region. It has the lowest emissions rating possible, so it doesn’t leach any chemicals or gases. Being a natural material, the appearance may vary slightly to what is pictured. The plywood may have ‘butterfly patches’ on the faces and small core voids on the edges. We love these unique, small features because no two toys will ever be the same and we encourage you to embrace these little accents too.

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