The No Excuses Guide to Soul Mates


You Can Attract a Great Relationship and Stop Making Mistakes in Love
Author: Stacey Demarco, Jade-Sky

A “tough love” guide to help shine a light on relationship monsters and banish them for good

For those who want to stop making the same mistakes in love and attract the great relationship they deserve, this honest book will bust the myths about the common topic of attracting a soul mate. Clear, practical guidance is given on how to stop repeating mistakes in love and relationships, and enjoy the dating process with confidence. Not only are readers given the tools to identify their soul mate, they are also instructed on how to create an exciting action plan to quickly and easily attract the relationship they desire.

This guide will help those seeking love identify deal breakers and negotiable points with a soul mate. Past life information and how it can affect partner attraction is covered here, as well as how soul detox can remove current relationship toxins, and what sort of rituals will attract the right partner. Readers will learn to break destructive patterns, build personal power, and take the anxiety out of dating.

A delightful collection of inspiring and uplifting meditations to guide you along the pathway to greater spiritual awareness, inner peace and connection with your divine guidance and Angels.

Each meditation has a different theme or topic.

  • You are surrounded by Angels.
  • The Violet Flame.
  • Creating Rainbows.
  • Your Cycle of Prosperity.
  • Letting Go – Healing and Help from Your Guardian Angel.
  • Beautiful packaging, voice of author
  • Part of the You are … series by Belinda Grace

About the Author

Stacey Demarco is a metaphysicist, spiritual practitioner, and the author of Witch in the Bedroom and Witch in the Boardroom. Jade-Sky is a psychic, a medium, and the author of What Happens Next?

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