Sacral Chakra : A Guided Meditation


by Patricia Ellen Hughes

This 50-minute Guided Meditation has been written, illustrated & narrated by Patricia Ellen Hughes. Musical accompaniments have been composed and performed by Julian Silburn who is a multi-instrumentalist, sound healer, performer & facilitator at The Sound Temple. On this CD Julian has very sensitively connected the vibrational sounds of his music to the dialogue and the Sacral Chakra vibration of this CD.

Patricia (known as Trish) creates a calm, peaceful, supportive atmosphere as she gently guides you to a beautiful ocean scene. Here she provides an opportunity for the listener to deeply relax, raise energy and gently release fear, replacing it with trust, courage, faith and personal empowerment. This CD will support you to reach the higher potential of yourself, help you to calm your nervous system and feel happier and healthier.

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