Sodalite Palm Stone


Called the “Logic Stone,” Sodalite emits a tranquil energy that clears the mind and elicits deep thought, expanding the ability to arrive at logical conclusions based on rational consideration. It enhances one’s powers of analysis, intuition, observation and creativity. It strengthens self-discipline, efficiency and organization.

Sodalite is superb for meditation and deep journeying. It brings insights into the self and an honest evaluation of one’s motivations, strengths, weaknesses, gifts and patterns of destiny. It dispels mental confusion, stilling the mind.

Sodalite increases consciousness, idealism, and striving for the truth, and eliminates guilt and fears better than any other stone. It helps one own and verbalize one’s true feelings and to stand up for oneself.

Palm Stones are nice and smooth polished crystals and as the name suggests, fit beautifully into one’s palm. Palm stones provide an easy way to bring the energy of a certain crystal into your auric field. Given their comfortable fit into your palm, these stones are great for transitioning into a mindful state of clarity, which isn’t always easy to attain.

Meditation is a beneficial practice for both your physical and mental wellbeing, but often people give up on their practice as they find it difficult to sit still and focus. That’s where crystals for meditation can help. Crystals cleanse the mind of chaotic thoughts or doubts so that you can fully immerse yourself in meditation.

Palm stones are a fantastic tool to give you something to focus on to calm the mind and elevate your energy.

Each crystal is unique in size and shape.

You will receive a crystal similar to the one pictured.

Palm Stones are approximately 6cm x 4cm x 1.5 cm

Approximately 60 grams

In stock