Release and Revive Sound Healing

In by jenna

February 10, 2018 @ 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm
The Sound Temple
30kms east of Perth CBD in the Hills WA (details on booking)
The Sound Temple
0474 555 444

Contribution $50

Release and Revive Sound Healing

Allow us to take you on a journey of healing and integration where we endeavour to bring warmth, light and love to the childhood places inside of us and to experiences from our past where we have had little or no loving attention.

Quantum physics tells us there is no linear time line other than our own construction and what happens in the present moment can change what happened in the past.

Whilst you are gently guided into a relaxed state, sound vibrations are used to soften and soothe your mind and body before we embark on our journey.

Visualising and encompassing a state of gratitude in full heart coherence with the mind and the gut brain, we begin to take ourselves back to the areas of sorrow, discomfort or unease and immerse these aspects with the established state of gratefulness, stability and stillness, creating healing and repair in real quantum time.

This journey gives us the opportunity to bring in our adult self to support our child aspects that need support, acceptance, love and finally integration.

We believe it is important that as a part of our sound healing repair and journey that we also learn and embrace the tools and knowledge as to how to address and work with the presenting feelings, thoughts and issues that may arise from our sound healing work.

The sessions will be held in The Sound Temple and then there will be an opportunity for a 10-15min counsel for each person should they wish after the completion of the sound healing workshop. Whilst you are waiting to speak to our facilitator you may enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and some light refreshments whilst you contemplate your session and what you would like to discuss.

Storme is hosting this sound session and counsel session.

Start: 6:30 pm, arrive from 6:00pm
Finish: 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm

An hour following the sound session gather for a cuppa and a light refreshment and counsel for those who would like to talk one on one with Storme.

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