We were born connected

We’ve lived lifetimes of sharing intergenerational wisdom, offering support, building relationships, and standing stronger together then, somehow, we forgot

Women At The Well is a collective community bringing the inexplicable magic of sisterhood back into the lives of the every day woman

When you think of yourself do you feel powerful, masterful, knowledgeable?
Do you consider your femininity a blessing?
Do you wish you were more connected to your female ancestors, your grandmother, your mother, your daughter?
Is your life somehow emptier than you’d imagined?
Women at the Well was created from a valley in the world where our feminine power should dwell

Women At The Well was created from a valley in the world where our feminine power should dwell.

You are here because your cup is empty. Sure, you have a comfortable life and you love your family, you may have a successful career or a lifelong vocation. But, you’re lacking something.

A connection.

A connection with your sisters, your daughters, your mother and, most importantly, with


We are three women who know you

– in fact, we are you.

Join us and find out more about upcoming events.
A connection with your sisters, your daughters, your mother and, most importantly, with yourself

We’ve come together to organise events and times to allow women to find the sister-circles they need to live a life full to bursting.

We know you’re here because it’s time.

Time to claim your space in the circle, no matter how busy, tired, stressed, or unsure you feel about if you’ll fit in.

We know you belong.

Join us and find out more about upcoming events.

We know there’s magic in women coming together.

It creates something inexplicable in the air you take home with you – a knowing, a power.
And yet, we toil away at our lives, in our houses, running our families and scrambling to jobs and never quite getting more than a minute to bask in the wonder that is life. When we do, we realise how ‘apart’ we are from one another and we can feel a little lost.

Women At The Well works to bring women from 13 to 103 together to tap into that magic.

We do this through a series of events and open-arm moments where we facilitate the shedding of all that’s holding you back and show you what life could be like when you get to know, understand, and love yourself a little more.

We know what that magic is.

It’s a connection to our source.

Women at the Well Events

But you don’t have to wear a flowery skirt and be barefoot to find it. You don’t even have to know what a circle is all about, or have been in a teepee before, or know anything about flower essences, or art therapy, or meditation.

There is no knowledge pre-requisite to be part of
Women At The Well…

in fact, we welcome you where you are right now.
Whether you’re at the beginning of your journey, some way along the path, or even if you don’t even know which direction you should be heading in yet.
That’s how we’re different. Collectively, we know all about that stuff, and we’ll tell you about it if you like, but it’s not why we want you to come along.
We’re planning a diverse range of events to allow women, firstly around Perth, to connect to our knowledge and the collective command of a gathering of women.

And this is your invitation

Find out what’s on the horizon for Women At The Well events.

Who are we?

We’re Melissa, Dawn, and Helen. We’re women that met in the Hills and saw a spark of something in each other we knew we’d come back to. We’re all tremendously different; we speak differently, we dress differently, we work differently. But we’re connected by the commitment to stay united in sisterhood by highlighting clarity in our communication, respect at the heart of our decisions, and an abundant openness to allow other women to connect with us and our circles.

We’ve been working together for a while now, and although we’re starting Women At The Well events here in Perth, we’re also planning to go to Austria and beyond in 2018.

We didn’t plan to be at the centre of anything until we realised our group circle is like a crop circle – joined to others it overlaps and interweaves – encouraging and supporting many more circles.

So, Women At The Well was born.

Just because we’re the women that will greet you when you arrive at an event doesn’t mean we think we know everything there is to know. We’ve had training, but we don’t think it’s the only way to understand something. We know ourselves, but we don’t always get it ‘right’.

We’re working on simply being real enough to look each other in the eye and see our sisters for the most incredible beings they are – then cultivating that for more women.

What we Bring

“Women At The Well exists to bring our life experiences and wisdom together and encourage women of all ages and stages to harness their own innate wisdom.

To create a safe trusting space that’s cared for and clean, to hold women so they know they are loved and honoured.

To build trust so future generations can trust in the world again; this brings love and peace and happiness firstly to individuals, couples, families and then community, then the world, planet, sentient beings
– supporting the ripple effect of love.”


Compassionate. Spontaneous. Kind. Connected. Dreamer of big dreams. Owner of The Sound Temple in Sawyers Valley. Acknowledger of the light in others.
 More About Dawn


Loving. Expansive. Teacher. Encourager of the wild within. Curious. Courageous. Generous. Dedicated to diving into the depths of who we really are.
 More About Helen


Warm hearted. Seeker of openness and truth. Holder of sacred spaces. Storyteller. Teacher. Preserver of ancient artistic practices. Works and weaves with healing art forms to create transformative medicine.
 More About Melissa

About The Sound Temple
Yunga Karak Boodja

The Sound Temple is a lovingly relocated tipi design space for healing. Originally, the structure lived in Parkerville and was called The Quiet Cone. At our property in Sawyers Valley, we use it for a diverse range of events and special happenings. Yunga Karak Boodja is a three worded phrase meaning “Thankyou” or “in appreciation of your interaction with the Red Tail Black Cockatoo Country”.

This Noongar name has been gifted to us by Dr Noel Nannup – a well-respected Noongar Elder and known storyteller, cultural guide, instructor and mentor.

Many of our 2018 events will be held at The Sound Temple and the glorious natural bush and circles that surround it. Beyond 2018 we will be visiting places all over the globe.

Where do I start?

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Our Invitation

Everything we invite you to will be just that – an invitation – you can come along or decide it’s not for you. That’s OK with us.

All we ask is that you don’t let the voice of self-doubt be louder than your need to connect.Joining the mailing list is totally free and we aren’t in the business of sharing your personal details with anyone except us.

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