Storytelling is Our Heart & Soul Calling … Listen!

“There is a world behind this world. The old cultures used to be in constant conversation with it through the sacred practices of storytelling, dreaming, ceremony, and song. They invited the Otherworld to visit them, to transmit its wisdom to them, so that they might be guided by an ancient momentum”.  Toko Pa Turner

The ancient art of telling stories is deeply rooted in the human language. It is a cultural act of ceremony, community and tradition. Each tale belongs to its own unique lineage and every story brings forth a distinctive taste of place, setting and history. Oral Storytelling takes us out of time and space, providing a quiet sanctuary for us where we bare witness to long forgotten wisdoms, nestled in a feeling of deep resonance, belonging, and connection. Storytelling is living alchemy with a rich and vast history.

Storytelling is said to be one of the many things that define and bind our humanity. It links our shared experience, allows us to create a sense of meaning to the life that unfolds at our feet.

The history of storytelling is ancient.  From cave paintings to novels to movies, stories have always fascinated mankind.  Myths, legends, fairy tales, fables, ghost tales, heroic stories and epic adventures. Told, re-told over and over again.  Passed down from each generation, a reflection of the wisdom and knowledge of the early people.

In Aboriginal Australian society storytelling makes up a large part of everyday life. More than just entertaining,  it has a vital role in educating children about life, expected behaviour and to keep alive spirituality, heritage and the laws. Dreaming stories pass on information to young people about creation, how the land was formed and populated, knowledge of plants, animals and humans, information about ancestral beings and places, the boundaries of peoples’ tribal lands, how ancestors came to Australia, how people migrated across the country and arrived in a particular part of the country. These stories keep alive the traditions and heritage of Aboriginal Australia not only within Aboriginal communities but also within the wider community, helping to increase understanding and awareness between people.

At The Sound Temple, we feel that nourishing and supporting the traditional art of Storytelling is part of our soul calling. We’re delighted to be rapidly becoming the Storytelling Hub of the Hills and would love for you to join us as we welcome to the stage some of Perth’s most engaging Storytellers for a total, all senses, immersion into powerful story and traditional music. Many wonderful wordsmiths grace our beautiful space here in Perth Hills including Dr Noel Nannup, Jaya Penelope, Melissa Min, Sally Riddell, Horst Kornberger, Darrell Brown,  Wikitoria Oman, Timoti and more.

Join us on Friday 14th September for a night filled with exquisite tales celebrating the start of Spring and combined with traditional sound.  This rich and ancient form of communication weaves myth, magic, history, creativity, wisdom, fables, story and metaphor together to create an evening that will fill your senses. Culminating in a delicious meal, these traditional storytelling experiences will leave you with nourished body and soul.