Bloody and Beautiful, Vicious and Vibrant – your Invitation this Full Moon

Full Moon in Aries – Sunday 13th October 2019

“You’re only here for a short visit. Don’t hurry, don’t worry. And be sure to smell the flowers along the way.” – Walter Hagen

The one thing we can all agree on about springtime is that the weather can be changeable. But despite the unpredictable and sometimes stubborn weather, springtime is by far one of the most beautiful times of the year. Here at The Sound Temple, there are flowers and new growth everywhere and splashes of vibrant blues, reds, purples and yellows can be seen popping out of the rustic colours of the surrounding bush. The grass is greener, the creeks are still flowing at the bottom of our property and most of the days are warm enough to eat a few meals outside on our beautiful deck. And let’s not forget that our children are home from school. Maybe relaxing is not a word anyone would associate with springtime!!

Full Moon is a time when the moon’s energy is at its fullest, and its ever-powerful presence has a way of catching our attention more than almost anything else. This month’s Full Moon is on October 13th and falls under the sign of Aries.

People born under the sign of Aries are individualistic, quick-witted, pioneering and outspoken, whilst they can also be selfish, impulsive, foolhardy and lacking in real direction. They love to be pioneers in both action and in thought. They are very open to new ideas and are not afraid to try them out; however, they can lose interest once the first excitement is gone. They can be quite child-like in their enthusiasm for an idea, especially if it’s one of their own and they believe all their ideas to be original. Because of their independent spirit, they often choose to be on the side of the battler in debates and like to take on losing battles because they have such a strong belief in their own abilities.

The opposing sign of Aries is Libra.  Libra is all about relationships and is ruled by the planet Venus, known in Greek mythology as Aphrodite, Goddess of Love, Beauty and Arts.  Librans are lovers, not fighters. During this time in Aries, ruled by the planet Mars (God of War), we should look to call in some Libran energy which invites us to be considerate of others and strives for harmony and fairness to balance out the usual course of action that Aries likes to take. So, to work with both the sign of the Sun and the sign of the Moon plus consider planetary energies, we are told this could be quite a difficult time as the Universe is demanding (Aries) that we change our understanding of relationships and love (20º). 

So, how do we define and create family in the widest sense? Do we fight for the common good or do we restrict ourselves to personal success?  Can we choose compassion over suspicion, inclusion over rejection, humility over self-importance? We are all both vital to what happens next in the world and inconsequential in equal measure. We play our small part in a drama far greater than the eye can see and the heart can know. To do so well, we must come from a place of trust which is balanced with wise discernment.

Globally we cannot forever pursue material expansion without consequences that hurt us all, but especially those already struggling to survive. As we nurture a sense of family in which we are part of all life, it increasingly matters where our food comes from and who suffers for our plate; where our money goes and who it really serves; the impact of energy resources upon our planet etc.

The energy of this Full Moon is full of raw power which carries the force of the radical feminine who knows life as both bloody and beautiful, vicious and vibrant. She knows true feminine power: the raw and primal force of childbirth, the fierce protection of a mother’s love, the enduring strength of a broken but embracing heart and the creativity of an awakened womb which nurtures deep within the hopes and dreams of generations. To exclude her from whatever shapes our existence allows a sterile world. This very sterility enables the plunder of natural resources, the favouring of financial profit over fundamental well-being and the promotion of short-term power over long term survival. This creates a world devoid of compassion which can dismiss the traumatised refugee as a drain on ‘our’ resources or the orphaned child as a ‘lost cause’.

Raw power can be moulded into something so positive and worthwhile.  So perhaps use this Full Moon to picture all dynamic exchanges, personal and global, being filled with a radiance of light that is so pure and beautiful.  This radiance of light can be eternal, pulsating and strong.