The Soul of the World is Shining – Slovenian Stories and Sound

In by jenna

October 26, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm
The Sound Temple
$80 per person (includes Slovenian Supper)
The Sound Temple
0474 555 444

$80 per person (includes Slovenian Supper) – This is a ticketed event, no door sales available

Slovenian Storytelling Night

Here is an irresistible invitation to you from international storyteller, soundscape artist and singer, Ljoba Jence. This is an incredible never-to-be repeated opportunity to explore the magic and wonder of Slovenian story and sound from the exquisite collection accumulated over three decades by Ljoba …

“Come and sit by my fire and listen to the well of Slovenian stories and songs.
Listen to the sound of singing stones from the most beautiful turquoise Soča river and the message of Goldhorn’s treasures from Triglav mountain!
Or maybe you would rather hear Slovenian version of Eros and Psyche…or…a myth how God one day went to swim in the sea as the day was so hot that he could not stand the heat anymore”

Slovenia lies on the sunny side of the Alps and is becoming the No. 1 tourist destination in Europe renowned for its diversity in nature and quiet, peaceful culture and healthy environment. A country of two million people who speak Slovenian it still has in its cultural heritage about 50 dialects.

Such a small community has a rich national archive of oral tradition which Ljoba Jenče explores, collects on her own and has safeguarded for more than thirty years.

In 1993 she attended the International Storytelling Symposium at Emerson College in England with Ashley Ramsden as a leader and others and from then on she has run her Institute for Sustainable Living PAJN with Storytelling Symposias, such as the one on Parzival in 2013.

Ljoba is deeply connected with the process of transmitting intangible cultural heritage to the younger generation and has been awarded a medal by the President of Slovenia in 2015 and with special mention of the jury of Europa Nostra Awards in 2017.

We will celebrate this amazing Slovenian storytelling night with a delicious Slovenian Supper.

We welcome Ljoba Jenče to Perth Hills as part of the visit to WA by a number of amazing Slovenian performers. During their time in Perth, they will be performing an Australian/Slovenian coproduction called “Somnus”. Here at The Sound Temple, we are committed to offering opportunities for talented artists from around the world.

Start: Saturday 26th October 7:00pm , arrive from 6:45pm
Finish: 10:00 pm
Location: 30kms east of Perth CBD in the Hills WA (details on booking)
Included: Slovenian meal plus endless cups of warming organic teas and coffee
To Bring: Please wear easily slip off shoes for entry into our spaces

**This is a ticketed event, no door sales available

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