Incy Wincy Spider Get Out of that Water Spout!

NEW MOON IN TAURUS – 4th May 2019

As we know, a New Moon is the beginning of a whole new 28-day cycle, a time to recharge and take a moment to catch our breath and to breathe. With the sun conjunct to the moon, it gives the earth a strong push of energy with a burst of powerful initiative. If you feel like a fresh start is in order, if you can feel a new project hovering on the horizon, then this is the time to grab your gardening gloves, pick up your pen and take the leap into new beginnings, with the belief that the Universe has your back. 

As well as turning over new leaves, the New Moon is also a time to question old habits, beliefs and behaviours, as we find ways that are new and inventive in the name of making progress. 

The New Moon in Taurus on May 4th encourages us to take a moment to look at our day-to-day routine, to see if we can find ways to create more support, more love and more joy for ourselves. It is also inspiring us to take some time to create some more healthy habits, when it comes to our diet and exercise routine. Eating better, meditating, focusing on gratitude and breathing in fresh air are all brilliant ways to create more love for our bodies and our minds and to enter more joy into our souls. 

Over the past few months, a common theme in the Universe is balance and this New Moon also adds its power to this energy. While also guiding us towards healthier habits, this New Moon encourages us try to balance both work and play, which can sometimes be harder than we think. 

Work gives us a purpose. It helps us to feel as though we are adding to society, making a life for ourselves and it can help keep us grounded and builds for us a strong routine. However, we can also sometimes create bad habits, we can find ourselves stamping out the flames of our creativity and we can find that we are stuck in the same cobwebbed routine, with too many spiders clogging the way out. 

Play is about letting go and doing things simply because you can. Take a moment to let your hair down and dance barefoot through your garden in the sunlight. Play helps us to take note of our passions, reignite the flame to our creativity, and burn away the cobwebs that may be keeping our minds all dry and dusty. 

If you sense that your work routine has become faded and you feel lost in your own cobwebs, play is the perfect solution. This New Moon in Taurus encourages exactly that. Take a moment to be silly, to dance around your kitchen to songs that remind you of your childhood, read that book you felt you haven’t had time for. Play is about doing something simply because you can, and because it brings you happiness in whatever shape or form comes to mind. Let it bring fresh energy to your life and open the doors of your mind to the sunlight, to discover a new sense of clarity. 

As well as finding balance and creating better habits for our mind and our souls, the elements of Taurus encourages us to stop comparing ourselves to others. The loudest voices we hear are inside our heads. Listening to other people’s opinion of us is not always helpful. 

While it can be a wonderful thing to be inspired by others, we also have to remember that we are the heroes of our own story and ultimately, we have to be happy with our own choices. Make changes in your life because you want to, not because someone else voices too loudly that they think you should. 

Be grateful for the small things, find ways to do both work and play and remember to listen to your own mind. Take note of when the cobwebs become too thick, and when they do, find things that make your soul happy. Whether it’s the sunset, or the first sip of coffee in the morning, or a kiss from someone you love. Let these things guide you through your day … not the spiders, cobwebs or the loud opinion of someone else. 

A New Moon symbolises new beginnings. If a fresh start is needed, take a moment to ask. This beautiful Taurus Moon has your back. Remember, you are the hero of your own story. The adventure is ready for the taking. Spread your wings and jump.

Join us for our New Moon Sound Healing session with Kim Echammaal Coull on Friday 3rd May and brush off the spiders and cobwebs this New Moon in Taurus.