Make Love to the Soul Through Voice

Kirtan – the narration of the Divine to embrace the Beloved within

Mantra ~ Music ~ Sing ~ Dance ~ Chant

Devotional Singing is a tradition akin to musical storytelling. Kirtan is a Sanskrit word that means, briefly, to narrate a story or an idea. This story is one told from the heart, by the heart, to the Beloved within ourselves. The roots of Kirtan lie in the Vedic tradition.  It’s a practice that is beyond any one belief system and instead acts as a doorway to meditation through voice. It’s a pathway to quieten the mind and still the heart.  It’s a way to make love to the Soul through voice, through a timeless Soul Sound expression.

There are many beautiful pathways that allow us to catch a glimpse of something greater than ourselves and embrace the Beloved Within.  Kirtan uses short ancient texts/words/mantras that last for about 11 minutes each that resonate deeply to evoke conditions in our body and mind for clear, deep, intimate communion with ourselves and all we hold dear.  In this way, every song is a love song, a joy song.  Every mantra, a way to deeply connect.  Every sound is an invitation to meditate to self but together within community.

This sense of sacred community often continues afterwards with a shared meal, lovingly prepared, home cooked and enjoyed in the company of others.  All are welcome, without anxiety around any ‘ability to sing well’.  Kirtan is about so much more than that. It’s about the absence of negative thoughts so that one can find space to still the mind and tune into a true sense of peace. It’s about finding one’s voice as an offering to oneself, to the Beloved within.

It is a quintessential expression of Soul, in its truest nature.

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This material extracted from the writings of Dr Kim Echammaal Coull.  For further information visit