New Moon in Gemini – Wild and Wired

New Moon in Gemini – Bubbling Communication at Double the Speed!

The new moon occurs when the sun and moon are in conjunction, occupying the same part of the sky from the viewpoint of earth. It’s is a time of growing energy, newness, rejuvenation, renewal and hope. It is a good point to make new changes in your life.

This June New Moon sits in Gemini, so it’s a great time for clear communication. Be mindful of give and take though, as playful or witty talking may obstruct the easy flow of conversation. Remember to allow other people time to speak – and the enormous value in listening to others deeply.

It’s a great opportunity to discuss family and relationship dynamics, or to enjoy the company of good friends. It’s also a wonderful time to write those long over- due letters to loved ones you have been putting off for ages.

Emotions may search for an expression and need to be examined and reflected upon. Superficial moods may sweep on in and risk taking over the usual daily tasks or focus. Fast and easy change of mood can lead to increased spontaneity and flexibility, but remember to breathe through emotions as they come up – you may not need to act on everything that arises!  It’s a time of increased sociability and even the most inhibited people tend to feel more open to communication.

Here’s Yasmin Boland’s take on The New Moon in Gemini ….

So how are you feeling? If you were strongly hit by the new electric Uranian energy which started to pour into the planet last month then by now you could be feeling rather …. Blah! The thing is that the new Uranus energy is WILD! However we all know that when our lives go wild it can also be rather exhausting.

It’s only been a month since Uranus, changed signs, moving from Aries into Taurus. Even if you are not Aries or Taurus (and don’t have either of these signs rising) it’s likely you are feeling a bit wired, a bit different.

If you are a meditator, or you do yoga or you chant, it will be a good idea to up your practise this month. That will help you to ride the waves.

This New Moon is also a time of increased activity and flexibility. This may result in an inclination to do everything, all at once! It’s good time for effective negotiation and short-term deals, as well as searching, accumulating and processing information, research or investigation.