New Moon January 2018 – Moon in Capricorn

This New Moon we are asked to look at the aspects of Capricorn and explore the Planet Saturn and interweave how they relate to our 10th House in the Astrological Chart.  We can also reference this energy to the Emperor card in the Tarot.

Some Capricorn Characteristics can be described as Loyal, Ambitious, Dedicated, Focused, Honest, Deliberate, Disciplined, Logical, Patient and Kind.  Supportive, Serious, Dependable, Tolerant, Attentive and Practical rate high on the list too.  Ever known the feeling of being stubborn, anxious, suspicious, severe, controlling, cold and or pessimistic.

Capricorns Love



Financial Stability

Ambitious Mates

Feeling Committed


Making long-term relationship plans

Capricorns Can’t Stand




Game Playing

Ego Displays



The Element that we are working with this month is Earth, the energy is Cardinal – this means initiating and action

Capricorns seem to grow young, rather than old.  Born age 30, they spend their youth growing their body into their rightful age.  Teenage years can be especially painful for Capricorns, they can be rebellious, wanting to get out of school so they can work and get control.

The Inner Critic can run riot in their earlier years and then they find the rising strength later to soothe the inner critic, this is why they are late bloomers.  The Energy of the Planet Saturn is very serious, trying to get everything right.  This makes them incredibly hard on themselves.

The 10th House in the Astrological Chart is Ruled by Saturn and Capricorn sits at the Gateway of this house.

Our 10th House is about Legacy

At our last event I spoke about the numerology of the year of 2018 and legacy was a big player.  We are being asked now “what is our legacy” it is time to be kind to ourselves and to everyone, this is the century to do that.  We are stepping out of the 1900s EGO energy of I and it’s more about 100 years of being held in the number two energy.  In addition to that 2018 is a number two so it is a powerful time to bring in the balance, the compassion, attract those around you that you want to support you in your life.  Add that to the energy of Capricorn and the innate desire to work hard so VERY-VERY- HARD  to leave behind a legacy.

The 10th house is about how we are seen by the world, how we enter a room, it’s about wanting to live up to societies expectations of us.  It’s about the dominant parent in our life, or in some cases who was the more controlling or dominant parent with overbearing energy.

The Emperor Card in the Tarot carries the same energy.

Practicality, work, leadership, control, family security, self-criticism, order, planning, organisation, responsibility, strength, protection, action, disempowerment

The Energy within the Emperor and Capricorn guide us inward and show us the rock to stand on when the waves are crashing around us.  They help us to build the structures of our life where we need the solid rock.  Our father within can teach us how to be solid and reliable.  He can teach us how to organise and plan.  It’s this inner wisdom that enables us to create an amazingly strong foundation if we take the opportunity to tap into it.

The Emperor asks you to reason it out, ask advice, set goals, and plan to achieve them.  He asks you to stand up for yourself when it is important to do so.  Without it you are a seed without the soil.  Give yourself this permission, and allow yourself to create the safety and security that your soul longs for.  It is a basic need for all of us to be strong, to feel safe and to be in absolute control.


The challenge in this month is to realise that we are perfect in this exact moment, we have strived to get to the top of the mountain, feel into the idea that you ARE ALREADY AT THE TOP OF THE MOUNTAIN and that you can’t go any further, now enjoy the view.

Next Month we will be looking exploring Aquarius on Saturday 17th February 2018