A Garden to Dye for


Author: Chris McLaughlin

Home-grown botanical dyes are in, and they’re part of today’s shift toward natural and organic living. “A new generation discovers grow-it-yourself dyes,” says the New York Times.

And you don’t have to have a degree in chemistry to create your own natural dyes. It just takes a garden plot and a kitchen. A Garden to Dye For shows how super-simple it is to plant and grow a dyer’s garden and create beautiful dyes. Many of these plants may already be in our cutting, cottage or food gardens, ready for double duty. These special plants can fit right in with traditional garden themes.

A Garden to Dye For features 40-plus plants that the gardener-crafter can grow for an all-natural, customized color palette. A dyer’s garden can be a mosaic of flowers, herbs, roots and fruits that lend us their pigments to beautify other areas of our lives. The richly photographed book is divided between the garden and the dye process, with garden layouts, plant profiles, dye extraction and uses, step-by-step recipes and original, engaging DIY projects.

Industry Reviews
If you are a keen gardener and a nervous would-be-dyer, interested in safe natural dyeing project to do with children, then this fun and attractive book will help you select a few plants, get necessary equipment together, mordant if necessary, and start dyeing using cold water, hot water or solar dyeing methods.” If you love the outdoors and creating, we found your new favorite book: A Garden to Dye For: How to Use Plants from the Garden to Create Natural Colors for Fabrics and Fibers by Chris McLaughlin!¬†Of course, one can argue that natural plant-based dyes are as traditional as it gets. But in the modern world, ready-made synthetic dyes have become the norm. It’s so easy to step into a craft store and find a rainbow of powdered and liquid dyes. However, if you’re a crafty person who appreciates nature, this title is for you. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, her book provides enough guidance and encouragement to get you going. And if you do? It’s an amazing, informative encyclopedia that’s sure to become a staple in your garden.–Kirsten Nunez “DIY Lifestyle Magazine ”

Many of the artists and crafters I know are also avid gardeners, so “A Garden to Dye For” is likely to strike a cord with creative types.“–Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood “The Grand Rapids Press ”

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