The Colouring Book of Beautiful Gift Boxes


Author: Sarah Walsh

An innovative gift book for colouring fans who are looking for an exciting new format or for younger children looking for a fun activity. Each colouring page turns into a gorgeous gift box, perfect for Christmas time!

Each page of this brilliant book is actually a box! Simply tear along the dotted lines and fold along the scored lines to create a gift box perfect for storing all kinds of Christmas treats. The 24 boxes are ornately decorated with black and white festive designs, which can be customised with pens or pencils. This fantastic book of boxes is a fuss-free and effective way to make truly special Christmas gifts.

About the Author

Sarah Walsh grew up in upstate NY. When she was little she was obsessed with animals. So much so that she wanted to be one. Her mom knew this and sewed her an assortment of costumes she could wear all year round. She was also obsessed with drawing and from a very small age knew in her heart she would be an artist someday. If…she worked hard enough and practised.

Currently Sarah is an internationally published illustrator with several adult colouring books, children’s board books, activity books, and greeting cards under her belt. She lives with her family in Kansas City. Her work and other notions can be found at Sarahwalshmakesthings website.

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