A Labour of Love 2


Empowering through knowledge to create the birth you want and desire
Author: Gabrielle Targett

The long-awaited follow-up book to A Labour of Love: A Guide to Natural Childbirth Without Fear is now available!

This book has been written to educate women of their choices and options so they can make informed decisions in pregnancy and labour.

With a foreword by Professor Fiona Stanley A.C., A Labour of Love II includes information on fear in childbirth, preparing for your marathon, stages of labour, water birth, optimal foetal positioning and the Cascade of Intervention.

This book emphasises Gabrielle’s own philosophy about what it takes to really understand what the techno-medical model of birth is, and how to avoid it. Full of positive, real-life birth stories, quotes and lessons, this book empowers women through knowledge to create the birth they truly want and desire. Every chapter is full of valuable information, including quotes from renowned childbirth educators from around the world.

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