Raised By Our Childhood Voices


One Father’s Journey to Raise Confident, Connected, Compassionate Boys
By Darrell Brown

Raising Boys; Challenging And Rewarding At The Same Time

“Raised by Our Childhood Voices” is one father’s passionate plea to all Dads to embrace the responsibility of fatherhood with love, vigour and passion. Never before in human history have the voices of our young boys cried out so loudly for lost love of their absent fathers.

In our quietest moments, we softly hear the voices of our distant childhood. These whispers from the past often return to guide our journey into adulthood and, ultimately, shape us into who we become. Surely, then, the words we use as we raise our own children are powerful forces in their lives–perhaps the most potent force.

Knowing this invites us to view parenting as a great responsibility–perhaps the greatest.
This book tells the stories, the trials and tribulations, of my own life–and how those experiences informed how I raised our two boys. As you will see, I am certainly not the perfect father; in fact, I have no idea what that would even look like. But I have achieved many things with my boys that appear to have worked, and I have given much thought to why that is.

I hope that somewhere within these pages you will be inspired to take some of the ideas that have worked for me and apply them to your own life as a parent. If I can meet you somewhere within these pages then, perhaps, together we can raise children who will make a lasting contribution to a better world and, more important, that your experience as a parent will bring you as much love, joy, and wonder as raising our two boys has for Jules and me.

About the Author

Drawing on his personal experiences as both a father and freelance cinematographer – new author Darrell Brown brings us this highly acclaimed book, a book every parent should read. With a key focus on highlighting the power of our childhood voices and filled with personal accounts, Darrell has woven in heartfelt stories from his own life to inspire fathers on their journey to be their sons “best bet” in life. Finally a voice championing the significance of fathers in a world challenged to raise confident, connected, compassionate boys.

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