The Conscious Mother


A Simple Guide to Mothering with Self-Awareness, Authenticity, Confidence and Connectedness
By Kirstin Bouse

Research in the area of maternal and infant mental health has reinforced what we already know, mothers who are sensitive, attuned and responsive to their babies create the relationship milieu for optimum brain development.

The Conscious Mother takes you on a journey of self-exploration to prepare you for, and support you through, motherhood. It is designed to hold your hand as you explore your own history of being mothered, your beliefs about mothering and the hopes and dreams you have for yourself and your baby.

Becoming a mother is a profoundly life-changing experience. The Conscious Mother is packed full of useful information to maximise your growth and avoid the pitfalls of your past so you can create a more mindful and positive bond with your child.

It takes you on a journey of self-discovery, guiding you in how to know and accept yourself so that you can be the ultimate parent; the purposely imperfect mother. The mother who can love and nurture her children, allow herself to make mistakes and love herself despite them.

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