The Mists of Avalon


Cast: Anjelica Huston (Vivianne), Julianna Margulies (Morgaine), Joan Allen (Morgause), Samantha Mathis (Gwenwyfr)

Retells the legend of King Arthur as perceived by the women central to the tale, from the zealous Morgaine, sworn to uphold her goddess at any cost, to the devout Gwenwyfar, pledged to the king but drawn to another.

This three-hour miniseries adapts Marion Zimmer Bradley’s feminist recasting of the Arthurian mythos into a big-budget cable television event.

In ancient England, Christianity is spreading and the Saxons are invading. It’s up to Viviane (Anjelica Huston) — Lady of the Lake and high priestess of the kingdom’s ancient pagan religion — to make sure that the next king will honor both the old and new faiths and thereby banish the barbarian hordes.

The Mists of Avalon TV Mini-Series

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