This moon is all about knowing how much we have and being greedy with what we think we will lose.

Full Moon Virgo March 9th 2020 – Supermoon!

Toilet roll crazy!

After the gorgeous New Moon in dreamy Pisces that pushed us up into the ether letting us know that everything is possible!! Now it’s time for the Full Moon to clean out all the obstacles and there is nothing more capable than that of the energy of Virgo to make this happen – we welcome this Supermoon energy.

This full moon in Virgo is in opposition to the Sun and to the planet Neptune, which creates a power struggle between knowing how much we have and being greedy with what we think we will lose. We have to mention the extreme buyers response to the potential shortage of TOILET ROLLS – now that is where a few people have got it all wrong. When the paper product aisles are all empty and the shopping assistants are flat strap trying to re-stock shelves scratching their heads in dismay as families pile up trolley loads of paper products – you have to wonder if the energy of the moon has sent them a bit crazy! Toilet roll crazy!

You can rely on children to find any easy solution to worldly problems!

Virgo can be a little bit serious so it’s a great time to have an extra belly laugh at yourself and lighten up – don’t loosen up!

Start to think about boosting up your immune system by spending time in nature, having beautiful clean thoughts, early bedtimes, soak in the bath, be productive when working and then know when to finish for the day!

This supermoon is the first of three for our amazing planetary line up for 2020!

As our Full Moon Sound Healing Events at The Sound Temple seem to be as popular as the current demand for toilet paper is, you might need to book fast! We are hosting two events this month to cater for the energy of the supermoon, dare I ask – please bring us some toilet rolls as we feel like we were the only ones not rushing to the supermarket to buy up big!

Our local store – empty shelves! At least the obstacles have been removed!