Women’s Circle Facilitator

There comes a time in many of our lives, when we’re called to answer to our Heart, to step boldly in a new direction and keep walking, wherever the path leads. Life often calls for change and no matter how hard we try to avoid it; it will keep calling us until we take action. After 20 years working in an Accounting and International Finance career, I began to hear the call of a whole new way of living. I took a leap into the unknown and swapped the world of corporate giants for a whole new magical way of living that was waiting to be discovered and embraced.
Life for me now has never been more vibrant and heart centred. My days involve listening, questioning, planning, pondering and dreaming up so many new ideas – as well as a great deal of tea drinking. My role at The Sound Temple lies at the heart of the organisation, creating a safe, healing and nurturing place for people to visit and connect with, where they can meet a community of like – minded people.
In addition to my role at The Sound Temple, I have spent many years engaged in work that makes my heart sing. Some of this includes; teaching yoga, reading Tarot, studying Astrology, learning the harmonium and more recently, the practice of Devotional Singing, or Kirtan. My calling in the world continues to grow and expand and I feel so grateful for these impulses in my life.
Most recently, my commitment to following the call has lead to Sacred Women’s work. The regular holding of Women’s Circles, New Moon Circles and Goddess Circles is all part of fostering a deeply connected and committed Sisterhood in the world. I co-create these Sacred Women’s Circles with Helen and Melissa, Women at the Well.

I’ve been married for nearly twenty years and have an amazing family life, living among the jarrah trees in the Perth Hills with my family. One of the most fulfilling aspects of my work-life balance is watching the pride and awe in my children’s eyes as I describe a new event we are hosting or a new endeavour we are helping to get off the ground.
I look forward to welcoming you on your next visit to The Sound Temple, our beautiful space among the tall trees. This is the place where kookaburra’s laugh and bring their spirit, where my beautiful children play to create memories, and where the red-tailed black cockatoos call and catch our attention almost every single day.

With much love,
Dawn Steel

Perth Hills, Western Australia | The Sound Temple Mob: 0474 555 444 | ABN: 71 568 849 946