Melissa Min

Women’s Circle Facilitator

After many years embedded in the heart of conscious community and alternative education, I have come to believe deeply in the transformational power of sharing our stories. It takes so much courage to show up in our vulnerability, to connect with others, to bare witness to our collective journeys and allow ourselves to be truly and deeply seen. Our innate need to connect with each other lies at the very heart of this life. It gives us meaning, shared understanding, a compassionate softness and an indomitable strength. Circle work enables a deep connection to self and to others. Circles are places of reverence, artistically held by trained facilitators, who hold sacred space with intent, compassion and non-judgment. Circle work allows time for a gentle unraveling of something deep inside ourselves, a sense of deeper understanding, direction and renewed purpose. They are spaces in which our self- growth and our collective work is done.

After years holding Creative Circles and workshops, I’m so honored to be now stepping into the raw, juicy and sacred work of facilitating Women’s Circles. There is so much in this work that empowers and enlivens, as we each share our hearts, our wisdom, our wounding, our need for belonging and our courageous openness to transform. Your seat in the Circle has been waiting for you. You are so welcome here.

Holding a degree in Sociology and a Graduate Diploma in Steiner education, Melissa is a committed educator with a passion for bringing the creative arts to community spaces. She is particularly dedicated to preserving rare artistic and creative processes that are at risk of falling into obscurity. Melissa is working in collaboration with Helen and Dawn hosting Sacred Women’s Circles, Women at the Well.

Perth Hills, Western Australia | The Sound Temple Mob: 0474 555 444 | ABN: 71 568 849 946