An Inspirational Journey into Colour and Sound


Guided imagery by Vicki Engeham and meditative music by Christine Morrison

Two guided meditations take you into the magical world of Colour and Sound. The use of breath revitalises and renews the energy centres. Christine specially created this relaxing, gentle flowing music to link with the chakras and colours. Vicki’s soothing and gentle voice creates a sense of wellbeing and deep inner peace. This wonderful journey through colour will enhance your life.

Track 1:
Balancing of the 7 Energy Centres of the Body [24 minutes] A guided deep relaxation through the colours of the chakras with Chris’s beautiful music and Vicki’s relaxing voice.

Track 2:
A Healing Rainbow with Guided Imagery [22minutes] Vicki guides you through a relaxation technique using guided imagery into a beautiful scene. Move gently through a healing rainbow, filling the body with the colours, allowing self healing and inner peace to occur.

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